Who We are !

Z&H Technology Distribution is a leading technology distributor of IT offering end-to-end solutions for today's reseller and retailer and the clients they serve across the SMB and Consumer markets.

Starting in 2014 as a small business retreading tires followed by 3 years of distribution experience, Z&H is rooted in the tradition of taking a hands-on role in helping our customers and manufacturer partners achieve their goals. Every customer, regardless of size, is given their own dedicated account representative who functions as your personal, knowledgeable industry consultant, working more like a partner participating in your ongoing strategy than like a salesperson.

With active operations across the region, Z&H works with a wide Reseller Channel Network, comprising Value Added Resellers and Solution Providers, in offering comprehensive turnkey solutions to customers in the SMB, SME and High Enterprise Segments of the market. Over a period of more than 3years, Z&H’s proven track record of successfully introducing the very best of breed technology providers of the world to the Middle East market, by establishing and enabling a robust reseller channel, has been a key factor in sealing its credentials as one of the most reliable, resilient and far-sighted value distribution organizations in the region.

Our Mission

To provide best of breed turnkey solutions in Data Storage, Protection and Management domain including consultancy and professional services, based on Domain Expertise. To remain, at the forefront of the fast evolving industry innovations and translate them into Profitable Business Propositions to our Clients.

Our core values

We help technology make the world a better place to work and live.

At Z&H our vision is to be the premier partner of choice for our customers, suppliers, employees and shareholders by accelerating their success through our global technology marketing and distribution resources, services and culture. That starts with our culture. Our core values of Integrity, Customer Service, Accountability, Teamwork and Innovation guide our decisions and shape our commitment to exceed expectations.


We demonstrate honesty, respect for others and trustworthiness in all we do. We demonstrate ethical behavior in all of our interactions with customers, suppliers and colleagues.

Customer service

We continuously seek to improve each customer's experience by listening and striving to exceed our commitments. To achieve premier customer service we must also exceed our customers' expectations, delight them and be appreciative of their business and passionate about making them successful.


We each take personal responsibility for our commitments, actions and results. We accept ownership, and accept the consequences of our decisions.


We work together to accelerate Z&H's, our customers' and suppliers' success. We embrace cooperation, diversity of thought and culture, and we enable teammates by granting and respecting authority and providing resources and support.


We adapt to and create change in pursuit of Z&H 's, our customers' and suppliers' success by engaging in entrepreneurial thinking, remaining open to new ideas, looking for ways to improve processes and seeking creative solutions for our customers.